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Assignment III: Ethical


Autonomous vehicle are great, they have all the latest technologies included sensors, cameras, GPS and even AI, etc with amazing usability and were aimed to be the safer, cheaper and smarter solution for transporting people and things. But beside of those benefits, there are still a lot of problems with autonomous vehicle including ethical.

In my opinion, first, we have to see if the aggressive mode (with higher speed) is allowed in the law that was conducted by the government, if it's not then clearly Carlos must take the responsibility for enabling the aggressive mode on the car as well as Bob must take the responsibility for selling the car that has the aggressive mode built in, also, the manufacturer violated the law by making that car. But if the law allows that mode so I think that Bob and Alice didn't do anything wrong but the manufacturer has to put a warning about that mode when selling the car that came with aggressive mode, and the government is partly responsible for not creating a law for autonomous vehicle but allowed them to go on the street.

We have to look in Carlos case too. Did he follow the rules or not? Maybe he came across the street when the light had turned red already or maybe he didn't go by the pedestrian walkway at all! So, we can't deny that in this situation, Carlos's fault is the main reason behind this accident.

So that is my opinion about the accident, next is some of my advises for everyone in this issue. First, the manufacturer should look into the law carefully about max speed, etc when making an autonomous vehicle and make detailed documents and warnings about everything that can affect the users. Next, Bob and Alice should also be careful when buying or selling the autonomous vehicle. Finally, the government has to make sure that the law addressed all the issues of autonomous vehicle before letting them go on the street.

The future of autonomous vehicle is in our hands and we have to make the right decisions to make that become a bright future. 


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